Military Mistrix

Greymail information:
You are required to answer a full personal questionairre.
Minimum & maximum weekly tribute will be agreed to.
Beyond this, anything is fair game.
Pre-emptive bribery is encouraged.
Just because you fail, it does not mean I wont make you pay.
Beware... I serve my particular flavor of evil retribution cold.

'Ello Nurse!

I expect a gift from my wishlist or an gift card from any financial or blackmail slave applying to me. If you are sincere, PROVE IT.

With my sister from another Mister Ms Toxic Goddess

With my sister from another mister Ms Toxic Goddess in my sexy suite in DC April 2012.

Mistrix with Goddess Phoenix & Lil Miss Natalie of Atlanta

Complete Financial, Mental and Physical Submission

If you desire complete control, of your every action...orgasm & denial, blackmail, wardrobe, excercise, meals, bed & wake time...and are willing to provide for my every whim & want... in person or remotely via email & postal mail.... it is possible.

With every tribute you will recieve another instruction, with every task completed to my satisfaction you MAY earn a reward.. or you may earn another instruction...or...whatever I wish...

This is an extreme commitment for the most dedicated slaves. Failure will not be tolerated.

A thoughtful gift is encouraged.. browse my wishlist for ideas.

Email for further instruction on how to proceed... tell me how you intend to spoil me. Why should I put up with you? me: MistrixMsE or send a netspend reload pack code to

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Here piggie, piggie, piggie.....
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Mistrix channeling Marilyn



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