Mistrix is Punishing her Slacking Slave With a Whip

RULES & Discounts
If you have been here before or not, you must still read the RULES before arriving, You will be expected to know them. They do change, so keep up.

Mistrix Orange County CA January 2013

I am addressed as Mistrix or Ma'am.
Alternatives are not acceptable.
'Mistress' is exceptionally offensive and disrespectful.

You must provide screening information to schedule. This is confidential, and required.

New clients must now deposit to schedule a first appointment. If you cant trust your domminant with a small deposit, then don't trust her with your life.

Mistrix Ms E - Chicago Philadelphia NYC Amsterdam

2017 Discounts:

$20 union discount, show your union card.

Bonus half hour on 1 hour or longer sessions the week of your birthday at Disciplinarium only. Must mention when scheduling, and show ID.


Mistrix for Klawtex latex shot by Julie Simone July 2012
photo: 2012 Julie Simone

Mistrix does not submit. Period.

Enter the foyer, follow me up the stairs quietly carrying your things. Hang them up on the hooks provided.

ANY request for illegal or inappropriate contact /conduct will end your session immediately.

Questions & discussions will be had & answered from your place at my feet.

I dont care what 'other Mistresses' have let you do. Lets start with this: I am no mans 'mistress'

No pussy/breast/ass worship, or queening. Period.

I do not do NUDE or TOPLESS sessions. Do not ask.

No animals, minors, sex acts.

You may request permission to relieve *yourself* at end of session. That does not mean you will get it. Attitude counts. If you ask me to "help" you will be shown out and blacklisted.

Pets are not to question Mistrix's sex life, dating habits, or personal relationships.

I wear what i wish in context of sessions. However, if you have fetishistic preferences (corsets, latex, leather, boots, gloves) indicate these in your booking email.

Photo courtesy Nathan Gates


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